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Arielle Ditkowich with Cigar Mojo Table

Arielle Ditkowich with Cigar Mojo Table

Spent the morning at a new shop in the greater Philadelphia Area called Cigar Mojo.

The shop is owned by father and son  Wade and Trae Roberts. The two are fairly new to the industry but have successfully opened their doors and have been growing quickly over the 3 months they have been open. The shop boasts a spacious lounge area with all the amenities you could ask for with a state of the art air scrubber.


The humidor is big, with a nice variety of boutique hand rolled cigars. We hope to get on their shelves ASAP.


We shared a nice conversation and La Sirena with Wade as Trae was at the hospital with his wife delivering their first child!


We look forward to coming back to their shop and seeing all the new changes and hopefully our lines in their humidor :)

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